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There are several very effective methods and products that we recommend for cleaning up when necessary.  

mr-clean-magic-eraser.jpgMr. Clean Magic Eraser products work wonderfully for simple touch ups or the wear of dirty hands or feet.


b-ecoclean.jpgB-ECOCLEAN's product line consists of their innovative technology committed to protecting the environment while conserving precious resources, and reducing plastic waste.



pressurecleaner-super.jpgHome style pressure cleaners work wonders on our surfaces and cleans everything up in a snap.



spray-bottle.jpgScrub the surface with a scrub brush and hot, soapy water. This will remove the mold from the surface.  Disinfect the surface with the bleach-and-water mixture. Combine one-quarter cup of chlorine bleach into a bucket with one gallon of hot water.

sandpaper.jpgUsing a light sandpaper on the edges (NOT on the flat surfaces) works great too.



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